Atomex Wallet Benefits

Multicurrency HD wallet

With Atomex you can store various coins on many accounts having just one key. It also allows easy importing of accounts from other wallets. See Atomex supported cryptocurrencies.

Secure storage

Your wallet is your castle. Atomex is a non-custodial wallet so all keys are stored encoded on your device. Wallet code is also fully audited.

Multiple platforms

Atomex wallet is available on multiple platforms.

Staking friendly

Tezos delegating mechanism brings passive income automatically without locking your tez. Atomex provides a user-friendly delegation function with the Baking-Bad supported list of bakers.

Tezos DApps support soon

Atomex supports Beacon so you can use it to interact with Tezos DApps.

Download Atomex Wallet

Atomex is a non-custodial multicurrency HD wallet. Audited and available on multiple platforms.

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