Atomex Wallet Benefits

Optimized Atomex DEX Client

Atomex Wallet is the most stable and optimized interface built specially for the Atomex DEX. It allows you to trade the full list of supported pairs in one click directly from your wallet.

Multicurrency HD wallet

With Atomex you can store various coins on many accounts having just one key. It also allows easy importing of accounts from other wallets. See Atomex supported cryptocurrencies.

Secure storage

Your wallet is your castle. Atomex is a non-custodial wallet so all keys are stored encoded on your device. Wallet code is also fully audited.

Multiple platforms

Atomex wallet is available on multiple platforms.

Staking friendly

Tezos delegating mechanism brings passive income automatically without locking your tez. Atomex provides a user-friendly delegation function with the Baking-Bad supported list of bakers.

Tezos DApps support soon

Atomex supports Beacon so you can use it to interact with Tezos DApps.

Download Atomex Wallet

Atomex is a non-custodial multicurrency HD wallet. Audited and available on multiple platforms.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which cryptocurrency wallet should I use for trading on Atomex DEX?

You can use any wallet from the proposed list but we recommend using the native Atomex Wallet App to get the best experience and full access to Atomex DEX functionality.

Is multi-currency crypto wallet secure and easy to use?

A multi-currency wallet allows you to have only one seed phrase and carry out operations with numerous owned crypto assets. So it’s much easier to use. At the same time, such wallets offer relatively the same security level as other types of wallets.

Does the Atomex Wallet store my crypto safely?

Our team is mad about cyber security. Of course, Atomex Wallet is open-source. Also, its code successfully passed the Audit by Least Authority. Finally, all your keys are stored encrypted only on your device. So as long as you store your seed phrase safely you won’t lose your funds.

How are my private keys stored in the Atomex Wallet?

Your private keys are stored ONLY on your device, encrypted using AES-256. You have to unlock your wallet with the encryption password on every start.

Can I get access to any tokens which are not in the Atomex Wallet list?

All XTZ tokens are fully supported for receiving and sending. You can find them in the Tezos Tokens section. For now, other blockchains’ tokens are supported only within the Atomex Wallet list.

How to transfer my Atomex Wallet to another device?

You can just use your seed phrase from Atomex Wallet or export any certain private key from the Addresses section of any currency in the Atomex Wallet app.

How to get started with Atomex DEX and Wallet?

To start with Atomex DEX just follow the steps. First, download the application. Second, create a wallet. Third, top up your wallet with mainnet or testnet coins. You can get testnet coins from different faucets: BTC, ETH, LTC and XTZ.